Water Service

Please complete and submit the following form to initiate water and sewer services.

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  • We request water and wastewater service from the Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District (CID) at the new address listed above and in consideration for service agree as follows:

    1. In cases where a new water meter must be installed (new construction), the CID will charge a $150.00 nonrefundable installation fee. The fee will be collected prior to installation of the meter, at the time the application is submitted.

    2. In cases where a utility applicant does not own the property where service is being requested, a $75.00 deposit is required prior to the start of service.

    3. To promptly pay all bills for water and wastewater service according to the rates and schedules established by the CID.

    4. To allow the CID to shut off and withhold water if default is made in payment and to pay any regular or special charges before service is continued.

    5. To comply with all Ordinances, Resolutions and Regulations now in force or which may be passed by the CID.

    6. To allow the CID to apply payments received to delinquent CID garbage collection fees as a condition precedent to payment of any water, sewer, utility or other charge collected by the CID.




If you are interested in Auto Payment, please print and complete email to the office, or mail: auto payment